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Boost your knowledge of functional and applied anatomy.

Explore the back and spine like never before with our unique Applied Anatomy course.

Enjoy a mix of online and on-campus learning. You’ll gain confidence and hands-on experience with an intensive two-day cadaveric workshop.

This course is ideal if you’re looking to study or refresh your anatomy knowledge. Clinicians, GPs, science graduates, nurses, physios and allied healthcare professionals – whatever your healthcare background, you’ll gain a distinct career advantage with the knowledge and skills you’ll gain.

Choose between a credit-bearing and non-credit-bearing version of the course. If you choose the non-credit-bearing option, you won’t be formally assessed and you don’t have to attend the workshop.

What will I study?

This course will help you refresh your theoretical, practical and applied anatomy knowledge.

You will study the structure, function and applied aspects of the back and spine, from neck to hip.

You’ll learn to:

  • identify all the major structures: bones, muscles, vessels and nerves
  • predict the function of the muscles
  • compare and determine the types and mechanisms of movement of the joints.

The course combines five weeks of structured, but flexible, online study with a two-day workshop at our anatomy facility at the Foresterhill Health Campus in Aberdeen. Find out about our anatomy facility.

By the end of this course, you will...

  • Have a working knowledge of the structure and function of the back and spine.
  • Understand the clinical applications of your anatomy knowledge.
  • Have refreshed your theoretical, practical and applied anatomy knowledge.
  • Have gained valuable experience working with cadaveric material in our anatomy facility.

Why study anatomy with Aberdeen?

How will I study?

You’ll be taught by highly experienced anatomists, NHS clinicians and sports therapists, all on hand to develop your professional learning.


This Applied Anatomy course starts with a five-week online self-study period. You’ll be given all the online resources you need and clear guidance to focus your learning in preparation for the practical workshops.

Your online tutor is Dr Shahida Shahana, PhD, MBChB, anatomist.

The online element is delivered through MyAberdeen, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Through it, you’ll access our full suite of online anatomy resources:

  • AnatomyTV – the most complete, detailed and accurate 3D model of human anatomy
  • Acland’s Video Atlas – cadaveric full-body dissection videos
  • Cadaveric practical demonstration video
  • Online video lectures
  • Downloadable lecture slides
  • Online one-to-one interactive sessions with your tutor
  • Online discussion boards with colleagues and tutors

On campus

Workshop dates: 16 and 17 October 2019

Your two days of hands-on workshops take place at our anatomy facility within the Suttie Centre. It’s our £20m purpose-built training centre at Foresterhill Health Campus.

The workshops consist of cadaveric-based, small-group practical sessions. You’ll also enjoy brief Keynote presentations on applied and clinical anatomy. You’ll learn from:

  • Dr Shahida Shahana, PhD, MBChB, anatomist
  • Professor Simon Parson, Regius Chair of Anatomy
  • Dr Prem Ballal, MBChB, anatomist
  • Paddy Ashcroft, NHS orthopaedic consultant
  • Tristan McMillan, NHS orthopaedic registrar
  • Ron Coutts, sports therapist

If you choose the non-credit-bearing version of this course, your attendance at the workshops is optional.

You’ll also be granted rare access to our Anatomy Museum. Not open to the public, this unique collection of historical models, specimens, artworks and curios is of national importance. It plays a vital role in our medical teaching.

Outstanding expertise image

Outstanding expertise

Professor Simon Parson will be teaching you on your two-day workshop.

Simon leads our Anatomy department, is President-Elect of the Anatomical Society (1887) and was appointed Regius Chair of Anatomy in 2019.

A prestigious, royally appointed post, there are only two Regius Chairs of Anatomy in the UK.

Read more about the Regius Chair

Where will this take me?

You’ll earn 15 credits at Masters level (SCQF level 11) with the credit-bearing version of this course. You can use these credits towards further study.

Find out more about credits.

Further learning

You can broaden your knowledge with our complementary Applied Anatomy short courses:

Both are blended courses like this one, combining online learning with a two-day workshop.

We offer a suite of online health short courses, all available to study part-time. These can be used to build up credits towards postgraduate qualifications, all the way up to a Masters.

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Whether you’re an anatomist, clinician, GP, nurse, allied healthcare professional or science graduate, you’ll gain a distinct career advantage with this course.

Your employer or professional institute may recognise this course for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Talk to your employer or institute to find out more.

Course coordinator

Am I ready?

This course has no formal entry requirements. You decide if it’s suitable for you.

The course is delivered at Masters level. At this level of teaching, you’d usually have an undergraduate degree or relevant experience that supports this level of training.