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Why study public health online with the University of Aberdeen?

Learn with us anywhere, with no need for a study visa

Access our expert teaching wherever you are. Students join us online from over 100 countries around the world each year.

  • You’ll earn exactly the same qualification online as you would studying with us on campus.
  • Our online qualifications are recognised by healthcare employers and learning institutions around the globe.
  • With no visa needed, benefit from our expertise in the UK without the cost and hassle of having to relocate.

Careers in public health and global health

Our online courses will help you prepare for success in a broad range of public health, global health, and academic careers.

We can help you gain the skills you need to:

  • pursue a career in the public health sector
  • influence public health policy
  • undertake independent public health research
  • move on to a PhD.

Choose from a substantial range of public and global health courses to tailor your learning to your career goals.