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Are you a manager learning to lead a team?

Meet David. A Manager at the National Trust for Scotland who was looking to learn more about leading his team. David studied our flexible online short course in Leadership and Management.

Learn to lead a team, like David

Are you a graduate without the grades to get into teaching?

Meet Malcolm. An English graduate, Malcolm lacked the maths grades he needed to get into teacher training. Find out how our online Access maths course now has him on the path to his dream job.

Get into teaching, like Malcolm

Are you an engineer looking to transition to renewables?

Meet Jolanda. A chemical engineer, Jolanda used our online postgraduate short courses to gain the technical skills she needed to move into her dream career.

Upskill in renewables, like Jolanda

Are you tempted by career change, but not sure where to start?

Meet Simon. Find out how just one online short course helped IT manager Simon find a new career path, and fulfil his teenage dream of attaining a law degree.

Start with a short course, like Simon

Are you looking for learning you can use in your workplace?

Meet Tori. A mental health nurse working at Aberdeen’s Royal Cornhill Hospital, Tori wanted to explore the possibility of using mindfulness as a therapy option for her patients.

Add skills to your CV while working full time, like Tori

Are you looking to reskill within the energy sector?

Meet Marcus. Working in the subsea sector, Marcus was made redundant during lockdown, and used the opportunity to reskill for a future in decommissioning.

Reskill after redundancy, like Marcus

Are you looking for leadership skills to help drive your business forward?

Meet Tricia. A PR and marketing business owner, Tricia turned to our flexible online leadership courses for a fresh approach and tools to lead her team through a crisis.

Discover the latest leadership techniques, like Tricia
Fred Bayer

Are you a member of staff at the University of Aberdeen?

Meet Fred. He’s a Curriculum Administrator for the University. Our staff can apply for funded places on online short courses to aid their career development – and Fred did just that.

Develop your UoA career, like Fred

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We met with some of our students to find out what life was like studying online with us. They told us their stories and included the answers to some of your most asked questions.

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