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Access Maths SCQF 7 is a flexible online short course.

It’s designed to help you access university when you don’t have the Advanced Higher maths skills or qualifications you need.

100% online, you can study anywhere you have internet access. Available 24/7, all year round, you can enrol when you like and study at your own pace.

What will I study?

You’ll work through an engaging range of maths topics.

The topic areas cover key SCQF Level 7 (Advanced Higher level) skills, including:

  • methods in algebra and calculus
  • applications in algebra and calculus
  • geometry, proof and systems of equations.

Why study Access Maths?

How will I study?

Your course is delivered online through MyAberdeen, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It’s packed with learning resources, including:

  • videos
  • reading materials
  • online discussion boards with classmates.

It’s also available as a mobile app, so you have access to all your learning materials on your smartphone and mobile devices.

Once you’ve enrolled, you have 12 months to complete the course at your own pace.

What qualification will I get?

  • 15 credits at SCQF Level 7 (Advanced Higher-equivalent level)
  • A certificate and transcript of your achievement from the University of Aberdeen.

This isn’t an actual Advanced Higher. Advanced Highers are awarded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Our Access qualifications are awarded by the University of Aberdeen and graded using our Common Grading Scale.

They’re designed:

  • in accordance with the Scottish Credit Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at Advanced Higher level
  • by educationalists experienced in working at this academic level
  • to develop your key Advanced Higher level skills
  • to support your access into Higher Education.

Where will this take me?

Access Maths SCQF 7 is designed to increase your maths grades so you can meet university entry requirements.

Our Access qualifications, with successful completion of assessments, are accepted for entry at the University of Aberdeen.

If you’re applying to study anywhere else, please contact the respective university to confirm the acceptability of this course and the grades required.

Further Access courses

Am I ready?

This course has no formal entry requirements. You decide if it’s suitable for you.

The course is designed to lift your qualification level to SCQF Level 7 (Advanced Higher level) and is ideally suited to those who have a pass or better at SCQF Level 6 (Higher level).

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