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What does online learning look like?

What does online learning look like? image

We use a platform called MyAberdeen to deliver our online short courses and degrees.

What is MyAberdeen?

MyAberdeen is the University of Aberdeen’s main Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

It’s packed with learning resources, and is your one-stop shop for:

  • accessing all your teaching materials, at any time, on any device
  • accessing the University’s online library at any time
  • submitting coursework
  • receiving grades and feedback
  • keeping up to date with what’s happening on your course
  • chatting with your tutors and classmates in secure forums.

Crucially, it’s accessible around the clock, anytime, wherever you have an internet connection.

MyAberdeen features

MyAberdeen is based on the Blackboard VLE. It’s one of the most popular VLE systems. If you’ve used Blackboard before, you’ll have an idea of the basic features of MyAberdeen.

It has a simple, modern interface and can offer a range of resources designed to make the online learning experience smooth, interactive and really engaging:

  • videos to stream or download
  • podcasts
  • online lectures
  • online tutorials
  • slideshows and presentations
  • workshops
  • live online classrooms
  • case studies
  • quizzes
  • reading materials
  • blogs
  • online assessments
  • collaborative wikis
  • personal journals
  • access to the online resources of our libraries
  • discussion boards with classmates and tutors.

Each online course is different and can include a mixture of any of these resources.

What does MyAberdeen look like?

Watch this video for a two-minute tour around MyAberdeen.

Learning to use MyAberdeen

Before you start any course with us, you’ll be given lots of guidance on how to use MyAberdeen so that you’re familiar with it before you start studying.