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Tori Petrini

I was delighted that I was able to use techniques and knowledge that I’d picked up on the course to ultimately help one of my patients get better.

Tori Petrini, Mental Health Nurse – studied Discovering Mindfulness. Read Tori’s story.
Marcus Herbert

The opportunity to study online couldn’t have come at a better time. It introduced structure to my day, and now I’m having conversations with potential employers about my studies and that’s been really well received.

Marcus Herbert, Energy Sector Worker – studied Decommissioning of Offshore Installations. Read Marcus’ story.
Tricia Fox

The second module, about change management, was really crucial for me. It ultimately helped us create a road map out of the pandemic, which has been really useful.

Tricia Fox, Business Owner – studied ILM Level 5 Leadership & Management. Read Tricia’s story.

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