Start with a short course

Our online short courses provide an alternative entry route to this online Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) if:

  • you want to get your postgraduate studies started without committing to a full PgCert
  • you’ve missed the deadline to apply for the full PgCert, or
  • you do not meet the formal PgCert entry requirements.

A way to study for this online PgCert without a degree

Our entry-route short courses are self-evaluating.

This means you do not need to provide formal qualifications to study them. If you believe you’re academically capable, you’re welcome to join a course.

To help you decide if a short course is right for you, check the entry guidance on each course page. This explains the level of teaching involved.

How it works

  • Complete 30 credits’ worth of short courses that are part of this online PgCert.
  • Then apply to transfer to the online PgCert in August 2023.

By earning 30 credits successfully, you’ll have proved you’re capable of learning at this level. You’ll then be eligible to apply to transfer to the online PgCert, even if you do not hold the formal PgCert entry qualifications.

Transfers onto the PgCert take place once a year, in August only. The next opportunity to transfer is August 2023.

Get started on the short course route

To start on the entry path to this online PgCert, complete 30 credits’ worth of the following recommended courses by August 2023.

Applied Statistics is a compulsory course for PgCert Research Methods for Health. All others are elective courses you can use to tailor your qualification to your interests.

All courses are delivered at Masters level. At this level, you’d usually have:

  • a 2:2 (lower-second) health-related honours degree, or
  • be able to demonstrate evidence of equivalent experience in healthcare practice or research.

Courses starting on 19 September 2022

Courses starting on 23 January 2023

Purchasing your courses

To join a course, apply via the course page and follow the application and checkout process.

Courses are available to purchase until one week after their start date, but we encourage you to purchase your courses as early as possible to ensure a smooth start to your studies.

Study at your own pace

We estimate that each 15-credit course is around 10 – 15 hours of study time per week.

If you’re planning to study part-time, especially if you’re studying around full-time work, we recommend taking a maximum of 30 credits per term.

You’re welcome to go at a slower pace and begin with one 15-credit course. But you cannot transfer to the PgCert until you have 30 credits from courses that are part of the online PgCert.

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to the most common questions we receive about our short course routes.

If your question is not answered here, we’re here to help. Get in touch.