Helpful study apps for online students

This article covers free study apps that help with:

Online study is growing, so there are lots of apps for studying at home and on the move. We’ve chosen some of the best new apps for online students to help you work smarter not harder.

All these study apps are free and available for iOS, Android and Windows.

Apps for study planning

Creating a study plan is the best way to keep on top of your online study workload. Use these apps for study schedules, planning tasks and sticking to deadlines.


Our main online learning platform is MyAberdeen, powered by Blackboard. Downloading the Blackboard app gives you easy access to MyAberdeen on all your mobile devices. Use this app to:

  • access all your course materials on the move
  • schedule and prioritise tasks and assignments
  • set deadlines and track your progress.


WorkFlowy is a beautiful organisational tool that makes life easier. Simple and versatile, people use WorkFlowy for tasks as small as creating shopping lists to managing large-scale projects. Use this app to:

  • take notes and make lists
  • brainstorm and collaborate
  • plan and organise your tasks and ideas.

Study apps for productivity

Whether it’s organising your notes or organising your time, study apps can help you boost productivity in useful areas.

Pomodoro apps

The Pomodoro technique boosts productivity by breaking down work periods into 25-minute slices, separated by short breaks. Use a Pomodoro app to:

  • improve your study focus and concentration
  • ensure you take regular screen breaks.

Our favourite Pomodoro app is Focus To-Do.


With Evernote, you can gather notes and ideas from everywhere, and store and arrange them all in the one place. It’s especially useful for projects and dissertations. Use this app to:

  • capture and organise notes of all kinds
  • scan, digitise and organise your paper documents
  • clip webpage content straight into your notes.

Apps to study without distractions

While it may seem counterintuitive, if you want to block apps for studying, there’s an app for that. There are lots of clever apps out there to help you block study distractions on all your devices.


A fantastic background noise generator to help you relax and concentrate in noisy environments. Use this app on the web or your phone to:

  • block out distracting background noise
  • find high-quality sounds to help you focus
  • provide relaxing colour-changing backgrounds.


Blue light from your phone or computer tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime, even in the dead of night. This can disrupt your sleep pattern. Use this app to:

  • reduce eye strain
  • help you sleep better
  • automatically adjust your display for the time of day.


Freedom is an all-in-one distraction blocker. It disables apps and sites that distract you, so you can concentrate on studying. Use this app to:

  • block apps, websites and the internet
  • sync blocks across all your devices.