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Connect with other online learners

Now you’ve made the decision to learn online, you might be anxious about studying alone.

It’s a completely natural concern, especially if you’re a social person.

The good news is, we have a virtual support network and a thriving online community here, so you can always connect with other people.

Ways to connect while you study

Online learning gives you a range of opportunities to connect with others.

  • You’ll usually have online discussion boards set up as part of your course.
  • There may be collaborative online classroom sessions.
  • Social media provides another important space for you to meet and engage with other students.

Join us on Facebook

We have two private Facebook groups for online learners. These are closed groups. They are open only to University of Aberdeen online learners and support staff.

If you’re taking an online degree or short course

University of Aberdeen Online Learners is our main Facebook group. Join this group if you’re taking an online degree or short course that isn’t an Access course.

If you’re taking an online Access course

University of Aberdeen Online Access Learners is is for anyone taking one of our Access Higher Education courses.

How to join our Facebook groups

  • Choose the group for you.
  • Click through to the group page in Facebook.
  • Click “Join group”.
  • Answer one simple membership question and our moderator will add you to the group.

Create your own

You may want to set up subgroups for your class on WhatsApp or other social media apps. This is common practice and encouraged.

Talk to us

We’re always trying to improve the ways our online students can connect. If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

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