Develop your knowledge of the human body and earn 10 undergraduate degree level credits from the University of Aberdeen.

Understanding the Body consists of three short online courses that look at the workings of the human body, and one final assessment course.

  • Learn about the different structures, components and systems that work together to keep us alive and healthy.
  • Study for free via FutureLearn, or upgrade and pass the assessment course to earn academic credits.
  • Study 100% online via desktop, tablet or mobile.

What you’ll study

You’ll study the following online courses, each covering different aspects of the body.

How to earn university credits with this programme

To gain 10 academic credits at SCQF Level 9 (undergraduate degree level) you need to:

  • complete the upgraded version of the first three courses on FutureLearn
  • complete the Certificate of Achievement for each successfully
  • work through at least 90% of each course and score an average of 70% or above on the end-of-course tests, then
  • pass the final assessment course.

Fees for the credit-bearing programme

You can study the first three courses that make up this programme for free. But if you want to earn 10 academic credits, there are some fees:

  • The total cost for upgrading the three courses is £162 (£54 per course).
  • The tutor-supported final assessment course costs £390.

Where your credits could take you

Towards a Masters

The credits you earn from successfully completing our Understanding the Body programme and assessment could help you gain entry to our:

Build your learning

The programme could also help you prepare for one of our online public health short courses.

If you’re keen to learn more about the human body: